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  • History

    PD. Gunung Selamat has been in the motorcycle industries for more than 30 years since 1970s and is one of the first motorcycle dealers in Jakarta. Previously holding brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Vespa Piaggio, Kawasaki and Suzuki, Gunung Selamat currently focused as the authorized dealers of both KAWASAKI and SUZUKI.

    Strategically situated in Central Jakarta, PD. Gunung Selamat is an Authorized 3S (Sales, Service, Spare Parts) Dealer of Kawasaki and Suzuki motorcycles. Besides selling the bikes, PD. Gunung Selamat also has authorized workshops for both brands which provide best services in maintaining customers' motorcycles with the best OEM spare parts as well as professionally trained mechanics and cutting-edge equipments and tools.

    Gunung Selamat has a branch located at Daan Mogot, Tangerang area for those near West Jakarta. The branch was opened in 2009, also a 3S dealer (Sales, Service and Spare part).

    In addition to motorcycles, Gunung Selamat is also the sole distributor of automotive batteries VARTA from Germany in Indonesia which include top-of-the-range AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt), Varta Silver Dynamics, as well as Varta Blue Dynamics. Both sizes for continental as well as Asian-made vehicles are available.

    In mid 2017, PD. Gunung Selamat has acquired the sole distributorship for China's No.1 Storage Batteries "SAIL", produced exclusively by the state-owned factory FENGFAN CO., LTD. Manufactured with China's highest quality requirements and QC (Quality Control) under German's best standards, SAIL Storage batteries are the best China's battery in the market.

    Besides the two well-known battery brands, in early 2019 Gunung Selamat has again acquired the sole distributorship of another famous battery brand: BANNER from Austria in Indonesia. 

  • Our Vision

    At PD. Gunung Selamat, we carry the best, authentic and newest models of KAWASAKI and SUZUKI motorcycles to the Indonesia’s community. In addition, a complete range of Varta batteries from Germany and SAIL Batteries from China are available at Gunung Selamat.

    Our vision includes being the top motorcycle dealer in Jabodetabekser region, and possibly the whole of Indonesia in the near future and to provide excellent products and services to our customers. Furthermore, being the sole distributor of Varta AGM Batteries and SAIL Batteries in Indonesia, Gunung Selamat aims to cover the whole of Indonesia region.

  • Our Mission

    PD. Gunung Selamat always strives to achieve a clean & comfortable environment for both the customers as well as workers at all times. Customer service has always been of utmost importance in the company and Gunung Selamat always ensures that it is being kept at its highest level. Each and every one of our employees always performs their duties with enthusiasm, professionalism and in timely manner.

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  • The best dealer in Jakarta. Good service and best price.

    Posted by Alan Senja Nasuha Suyadi on Wednesday, November 2, 2016
    Alan Senja Nasuha Suyadi
    GS Customer
  • Tempat penjualan, service, pesan sparepart kawasaki. Aku inden chain adjuster untk ninbu250 dsini.

    Posted By Prima Hotlan Kristianto on May 22, 2017

    Prima Hotlan Kristianto
    GS Customer
  • A complete service station for your kawasaki bike

    Posted by Wijaya on Apr 13, 2017

    GS Customer
  • Unitnya readystock..trims atas masukannya

    Posted by Edirohmana tea on Dec 4, 2016

    Edirohmana tea
    GS Customer
  • sell suzuki and kawasaki motor

    Posted by Chandra Tuvia Agasi on Aug 11, 2016

    Chandra Tuvia Agasi
    GS Customer
  • Posted by Andi Siswanto on Sep 14, 2017
    Dealer motor resmi Kawasaki dijakarta barat...
    Andi Siswanto
    GS Customer
  • Posted by Iyan Kawasaki
     1 week ago
    Sungguh nyaman
    Iyan Kawasaki
    GS Customer
  • iris koh
     6 weeks ago
    unit nya lengkap, showroom nya nyaman. salesman nya ramah dan komunikasi nya baik.
    Iris Koh
    GS Customer
  • Rahendra Vino
     11 weeks ago
    Bintang 5
    Rahendra Vino
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  • AnaAna Bae
     19 weeks ago
    AnaAna Bae
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  • Chandra Tuvia Agasi
     16 weeks ago
    Chandra Tuvia Agasi
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  • Cinta_january11@yahoo.com Suniyah
     16 weeks ago
    Cinta_january11@yahoo.com Suniyah
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  • Yunita Susilo
     17 weeks ago
    Bengkel recomended dengan teknisi yang handal dan terpercaya (Translated by Google) Recommended workshop with reliable and trusted technicians
    Yunita Susilo
    GS Customer
  • irfan ardiansyah
     19 weeks ago
    Pelayanan baik bengkel kawasaki Ninja (Translated by Google) Good service for Kawasaki Ninja workshop
    irfan ardiansyah
    GS Customer
  • mochrivan
     20 weeks ago
    Exclusive ambience of Kawasaki store
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