How To Shop

  • Credit Partner (Leasing Companies)
    Credit Partner (Leasing Companies)

    To purchase our motorcycles through credit term, we have long- term collaboration with the following Authorised Leasing Companies, mainly:

    Other alternative leasing companies which we provide are:

  • Credit process for motorcycle
    Credit process for motorcycle

    Here is the process of purchasing motorcycles through credit term:

    1. Our sales team will contact you through the number which you provide to us
    2. Our sales team will confirm with you again the type of motorcycles, DP and installment plan which you prefer
    3. Our sales team will confirm with you the time and venue for survey from the leasing company
    4. If your current address differ from your KTP, the survey will be conducted at your current address
    5. The surveyor from leasing company will visit you
    6. During the survey, you will be required to fill up the forms from the company and here is also the chance for you to ask regarding the payment method for your installments. You don’t have to fork out a single cent during survey.
    7. The surveyor will inform us the result in 1 – 2 days time


    For ready stock unit, we can deliver straight after we get the confirmation from the leasing company.

  • Payment Method
    Payment Method

    The payment for DP (Downpayment) can be done through the following methods:

    1. Cash on Delivery (cash payment when we deliver the motor to you)
    2. Bank transfer though BCA Account
    3. Bank transfer through Mandiri Account
    4. Debit / Credit Card (Surcharge is applicable for Credit Card payment)

    When purchasing motorcycles through us, you can make the payment before or during the delivery.

    There is absolutely No Additional Fees besides the DP and installments when you purchase the motorcycles through credit term.

    Certain types of motorcycles (Big Bikes especially) requires you to pay for a deposit (usually about 20 – 30 million rupiah) which we will include in the DP next time.

  • Shipping Info
    Shipping Info

    When you purchase motorcycles from us, we will deliver the goods to you Free Of Charge (for Jabodetabek region only). Outside these regions, there will be delivery charges depending on the delivery areas.

    When you purchase batteries from us, we will deliver the goods to you Free Of Charge (for Jabodetabek region only) as well!